About me

My name is Prashant Sudeep and this is my personal blog. I am an Electronic engineer by degree and a self-taught coder.

I currently live in Bengaluru, the startup capital of India. I work at THB as a Software Developer. Prior to THB, I founded the engineering and product team at Medimojo(A health-tech startup) and worked there for 4.5 years before it got acquired by THB.

I grew up in Bhagalpur, Bihar, and lived the early part of my life there. I lived in New Delhi for 10+ years before moving to Bengaluru.

I have 11+ years of experience in building software products. I am not an expert but can figure out things by reading, experimenting, and failing at it.

Through this blog, I will be sharing stories about my life, my learnings, and how I got into tech, and help people who are interested in tech, software, and startups by guiding them through my journey and learning along the way.

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